Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors are Diamond Polished Floors and should not be confused with Concrete Grinding and Sealing.

This is a superior system where the concrete is ground using metal bonded diamonds.

A sealer is applied which penetrates into the concrete chemically and mechanically locking up the pores to produce an extremely hard durable finish. The concrete is then polished with resin bonded diamonds to achieve the desired level of shine.

Polished Concrete Floors have many positive advantages:

  • They have great thermal qualities.
    Concrete floors are thick and do not change temperature quickly
  • They are strong and extremely durable. Regarded for their stain and scratch resistance.
  • Easy to clean. A simple mop over is all that is required. No need for harsh chemicals!
  • Variety - the options are endless from size of aggregrate, colouring, additives and decorative cutting.
  • Your floor can be as individual as you are!

We are approved applicators for:

  • Retroplate System 99
  • Super Floor
  • Hiper Floor

Polished Concrete Floors are our specialty and
we pride ourselves on creating stunning results!

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