Polyurethane Sealer for Concrete Flooring


Concrete Floor Sealing with Polyurethane

Often referrred to as "grind and seal".

This is where the concrete is  generally ground to 120 grit to expose aggregate and a surface sealer is applied.

Used indoors on floors as a cost effective option. It gives a good, easy to clean finish with a reasonable life span.

Used in large scale areas where the concrete is ground and a surface sealer is applied to minimise dust.

Used outdoors,  it is an excellent option for driveways, patios and around swimming pools. An antislip additive can be added to the sealer to prevent slipping.

Looks fantastic when diamond ground concrete is used indoors and the concrete is ground and sealed outside to give a seamless indoor/outdoor flow!

Also a great option for rejuvinating old tired concrete.


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