Polished Concrete Flooring

Diamond Polished Concrete and Flooring


Concrete Floor Polishing - the superior indoor option!

Exceptional finish achieved through grinding floors with metal bonded diamonds to expose the desired level of stone. Then applying a sealer which penetrates into the concrete, chemically and mechanically locking up the pores to achieve a hard, strong surface. This surface is then polished using resin bonded diamonds in various grades until the desired level of shine is achieved.

Concrete floors can be polished to a level similar to granite!

This finish is superior due to its strength, thermal qualities, ease of care and longevity.

Can also be used to harden and rejuvinate old concretre giving it a new life!

Also an impressive choice for fireplace hearths and benchtops

The Diamond Polished Systems we use are:

  • Retroplate System 99
  • Super Floor
  • Hiper Floor

Diamond Polished Floors are our specialty and
we pride ourselves on creating stunning results!

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